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Bloom Box x MILET

mother's love

Our mini egg tarts are bundled along with their premium gift set, while pairing with range of fresh flowers dedicated to all mothers out there.

Wild Coco x MILET

a kaya kind of experience

Wild Coco, a popular restaurant offering nasi lemak dishes partnered with us to curate an exclusive wild coco egg tart featuring their signature kaya. It was so popular that it was sold out within the first 2 days.

SG's first google cloud cookies

google cloud summit

Google wanted a cookie the shape of their iconic cloud and couldn't find a local supplier who can pull it off in the span of 4 days. Full story in AsiaOne article: "3 hours of sleep per day" Local baker pulls off 500 customised google cookies....

Bishoku x mIlet

mentaiko crab egg tarts

Bishoku specialises in their in-house mentaiko and wasabi mayo which they supply to food establishments. An innovative flavour that made its way to even ArtBox 2023.

Bober Tea x MILET

bubble tea egg tarts

In light of Bober Tea's launch of their Biscoff series, our team created a unique concoction using Bober Tea's signature tea leaves and brown sugar, making it the perfect bubble tea combination.

The dempsey project x milet

a gourmet pie

Dempsey Project goes beyond a restaurant. It is a communal dining space that combines community and culture. Nestled in Dempsey Hill, we collaborated on a seasonal "pie" offering for their guests.