how it all started

It all started with the relationship forged between a daughter-in-law, Evangeline & her mother-in-law. 

Mother-In-Law Egg Tart was born during the Circuit Breaker in 2020 when a box of home-baked Portuguese egg tarts were sent to her son and Evangeline.
Evangeline was wowed to the point that she decided to send some to her family & friends. 
It was at that point that demand started to grow. That was where an idea hit her - why not experiment if this can be a viable side business? 
And shortly after, the entire family were activated, tasked with various roles from purchasing ingredients to delivery. Since then, the relationship between
Evangeline & Joyce grew along with the business. 
Today, they've upgraded to a brick & mortar store located centrally to cater to the growing demand.